Lynette Walker-the ultimate gift

I say “gift” but what Lynette Walker did for her elderly parents was indeed a sacrifice.

I first met Lynette in Ernie White’s showroom where we picked out everything for her mom and dad’s new home.  Lynette was there not only to help with the selections, but because she was building this home for her parents as a gift.

Lynette grew up appreciating the value of a dollar.  She and her 4 siblings were all raised in a single wide trailer in Plant City, FL.  That trailer, needless to say, has seen better days.  After over 40 years, the trailer was literally falling apart but her sweet parents were reluctant to move as they felt it was still good enough to live in and why spend the money.

Well, Lynette insisted that they would live in something nice.  A new trailer would have done the trick but Lynette built them a brand new simple/smaller scaled home.  She wanted them to have nice textiles like wood floors and wood cabinets but she didn’t stop there.

She contacted me about giving them a brand new great room/kitchen….with new furniture, accessories….complete with all the “fixn’s”, as they say in Plant City.

I found a set of decorative plates and Tiffany lamps that Mary (Lynette’s mom) liked and used them for inspiration.  I wanted this home to be about Mary and Fred and not anything current or trendy.

Lynette took them out shopping.  It was a surprise to them as Mom and I had a only a few hours but were plugging in the last cord when they arrived.

It was the sweetest moment.  Mary cried…we all cried.…Lynette captured it on video.

It’s these moments that make it all worth it.

Lynette has thanked me over and over and one of her sister’s even called me.  What I want to do is thank them.  Who gets this kind of opportunity?

Lynette- I’ve learned a lot from you through this experience.  Your selfless heart is one to not only be admired but also duplicated.  Your giving husband should be praised just the same.

Your gift to your parents has also blessed me.



Lisa Robbins- A home’s rebirth after tragedy strikes


Well, this home pretty much takes the cake when it comes to living out my slogan “It’s more than décor”.

When Lisa contacted me and shared her story about her recent passing of the bubbly, well-known and loved, Lakeland Sherriff, Shane Robbins, I melted with her.

You can Google Sheriff Robbins tragic story, but I want to share a more positive one about how this family is somehow reaching deep, going on and thriving despite being dealt such cards.

Lisa and her 5 kids moved into another home after the incident.  They had lived there approximately 1 1/2 years before reaching out to me and let’s just say it didn’t have that “homey” feeling.  I can’t imagine how hard it would be to regroup, play house, decorate with pictures, etc and not have Shane by her side.  Needless to say, Lisa realized her need to have a home that felt cozy not only for her but also for her kiddos and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about taking on the job.

While still staying on a tight budget and using most of Lisa’s current furnishings, I dove into her mind and found out her tastes, colors, and styles to add in all the finishing touches.  She claimed she didn’t know “her” style as she only knew “their” style.  I beg to differ, as Lisa’s home is now a reflection of her inner and outer beauty.

With the help of David Cochran Construction, we added a tile backsplash, painted her kitchen cabinets, painted all the walls and added crown in the great room/kitchen.

Regal Carpet and Tile cleaned up her existing carpets and they now are as good as new

A casual, fresh approach to teals and greens, this home has an inviting whimsical flair.  Nothing fussy or over-traditional here….just good vibes and cheerful tones.

Her master retreat was all feminine with blush beige wall tones followed by corals, crisp whites and muddy teals.

Lisa was the kind of lady who offered to run to Lowes if a bracket was missing.  No high falutin woman here.…just a soft spoken beautiful and helpful spirit.

Lisa- may you find a small sense of peace and renewal for your dear family as you do life daily in your “new” home.

Thanks for inviting me in.