Lisa Robbins- A home’s rebirth after tragedy strikes


Well, this home pretty much takes the cake when it comes to living out my slogan “It’s more than décor”.

When Lisa contacted me and shared her story about her recent passing of the bubbly, well-known and loved, Lakeland Sherriff, Shane Robbins, I melted with her.

You can Google Sheriff Robbins tragic story, but I want to share a more positive one about how this family is somehow reaching deep, going on and thriving despite being dealt such cards.

Lisa and her 5 kids moved into another home after the incident.  They had lived there approximately 1 1/2 years before reaching out to me and let’s just say it didn’t have that “homey” feeling.  I can’t imagine how hard it would be to regroup, play house, decorate with pictures, etc and not have Shane by her side.  Needless to say, Lisa realized her need to have a home that felt cozy not only for her but also for her kiddos and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about taking on the job.

While still staying on a tight budget and using most of Lisa’s current furnishings, I dove into her mind and found out her tastes, colors, and styles to add in all the finishing touches.  She claimed she didn’t know “her” style as she only knew “their” style.  I beg to differ, as Lisa’s home is now a reflection of her inner and outer beauty.

With the help of David Cochran Construction, we added a tile backsplash, painted her kitchen cabinets, painted all the walls and added crown in the great room/kitchen.

Regal Carpet and Tile cleaned up her existing carpets and they now are as good as new

A casual, fresh approach to teals and greens, this home has an inviting whimsical flair.  Nothing fussy or over-traditional here….just good vibes and cheerful tones.

Her master retreat was all feminine with blush beige wall tones followed by corals, crisp whites and muddy teals.

Lisa was the kind of lady who offered to run to Lowes if a bracket was missing.  No high falutin woman here.…just a soft spoken beautiful and helpful spirit.

Lisa- may you find a small sense of peace and renewal for your dear family as you do life daily in your “new” home.

Thanks for inviting me in.

The Martin’s Beach House

The Martin’s.

Where do I begin?

Guess it was about 4 years ago Donna and Ken approached me about renovating their older Ernie White home in Deer Brook.  They decided not to take action immediately but Donna and I remained in touch about once a year just to revisit the subject.

I was SUPER stoked when I received a call from her in summer of 2014 that they decided to buy a retirement condo at Bradenton Beach!  She was calling me to get on my books so she could have my full attention come the following February when they closed.  Needless to say, I was all over it and couldn’t wait to dive in.

When I say the Martin’s didn’t bring anything from their Deer Brook home, I mean they didn’t bring “anything”.  Not only was the condo brand new, but it was stunning and a perfect blank canvas.  From mattresses to bath towels, this home needed to be fully furnished, accessorized and homey….for everyday use and not just a show home (although it sure does look like one).

I chose a grown-up beach theme….not the traditional cheesy stuff.  Think British Isles meets causal sophistication.  Not overdone, there were classic pieces surrounded by whispers of sailboats and anchors.

The color palette was derived entirely by fabric which encompassed their entire great room and dining forming a drapery haven around the beautiful views.  The grayish teals, olive greens and rich corals were evenly sprinkled throughout causing the eye to dance all around at the unique balance.

Bronze and gilded gold were the main metal tones but copper was a perfect mix in, mainly for the coral color.

I, with lot’s of help from my dad, crafted a table from an old French door and completed it with a glass top.  A true “Kristina Kreation” hangs as the center focal point in the dining room.  A painted chic dresser serves as their media console and a desk mounted on a stone corbel completes the opposite side of the room.

Old bikes and timeless painted antiques formed a unique but ever-flowing theme for their master retreat.  A gallery ledge above the timeless iron bed felt romantic indeed but certainly not to feminine for Ken 😉  Custom drapes by Judy Madej, truly made this space complete with sheers to adjust the light and mood anytime of day.  I love the corner tufted-back chair with the roses and vintage magazine rack.  The dresser from Simple Vintage, had so much charm and was such a perfect fit that I choose to paint the chest just like it.

Lauren’s room was feminine as they come as she choose a French chic theme.  Surrounded with white ruffles, vintage blush/rose and mirrored silver/gold pieces, her room was the perfect mix of vintage glam.  The velvet gray headboard and soft gray walls acted as a nice backdrop for this cooler palette.  Lauren’s chandelier fan just topped it off and completed the space.

Contrary to Lauren’s room….of course, you had Matthew’s rustic beach retreat.  His palette style headboard and paisley tan bedding instantly brings a masculine but grungy sailor look.  Deep navy striped pillows and bronze/brass accents, this bedroom is super welcoming for Matthew and guests alike.

Speaking about guests, Donna and Ken have already told me I could stay their for a weekend and just relax and not work!  I have to say I could truly take you up on that offer although I may end up cleaning or shifting a few things around a bit!

This family is so stink’n sweet!  I’m telling you, they were the easiest and most fun to work with.  They were FULLY trusting in my abilities and direction in each room.  I cannot express how humbling it is to be the one that creates a dream come true for them.  What a gift to be chosen to give them a retirement space…a new chapter…a new lifestyle.

“It’s more than décor”.  It’s everyday life….a weekend getaway.  It’s seeing Donna cry and hug me in disbelief as she walked into her completed space for the first time.

People work hard their whole life and to see when reality hits them that this retreat is truly their home brings me a joy I cannot describe.

I have a gift.  The Martin’s received a gift.  I’m doing exactly what I was put here to do and I thank God that He keeps orchestrating little miracles and asked me to play a small role.

Martin’s- I can’t wait to tackle your Deer Brook home next!


Cindy Spear Remodel


If the walls of the Spear home could talk, they would shout not whisper.  This home has truly come full circle from raising 3 kids to now a peaceful sanctuary for Cindy Spear.  The Spears have lived a humble life in their Mulberry home, however, not much had changed in light of decor since the days of raising kids.  Cindy was still rockin out her 1970’s flat laminate cabinets and counters, blue plaid sofa and popcorn ceilings.  Her interior doors still had holes in them where the two brothers Josh and Aaron would wrestle and then flip the door around so mom and dad wouldn’t see.  Needless to say, those doors were replace by the none-other David Cochran Construction.   Along with new doors and hardware, Cochran facilitated a kitchen with new lighting, granite counters, painted & glazed cabinets and new appliances.  Her popcorn ceiling was replaced with a fresh knockdown texture and her wood paneling was filled in, textured and painted (who knew you could do that!)  We added canned lighting in the great room & kitchen as well as opened up an old drop tray ceiling…you know the kind with the old plastic grates.  Cindy had wood floors continue into the great room and all was re-sanded and stained to match the existing.

With the recent passing of her beloved husband, it was Cindy’s turn to have a space that was new; a style that was reflective of her personality and grace.  After digging into Cindy’s head a bit, I gave her a simple French chic look with pops of antiques and weathered treasures.  This helps bring out Cindy’s love for refurbished items all while keeping it surrounded by soft feminine charm.

It truly feels like a different home, but the same.  Cindy’s grandkids can feel comfortable and her grown kids can feel sophisticated.

I may be way off Cindy, but I can totally see you proudly sporting your apron in this new kitchen, the grandkids rolling around on your rug (even though it’s light); Laura and you grabbing the last casserole out of the oven and the whole family sitting down to a feast.

And the nights you are having a lovely dinner without the extras, just glance up at the “family” saying on your nook wall and rest in that confirmation.

Who would’ve thunk it……that I’d be given the privilege of doing this home of a family friend, mom of a high school friend (Laura) and resilient woman. 

Thanks Cindy.