The Sampson Compromise

She loves Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. He loves Restoration Hardware. These two styles are not completely at separate ends of the spectrum but enough to keep me on my toes, which I love. It is so fun to mix two worlds! It’s even more fun to see the look on the faces of the homeowners when they see their two styles living in perfect harmony.  Projects like the Sampson home remind me that there are MANY ways to decorate a home and mixing two styles, often gives the perfect style.


Britt’s North Lakeland Southern Paradise

It never gets old…helping people make the home they have lived in for years, have life again. The Britt’s have a beautiful North Lakeland home but it needed some love. Over a the course of several months we transformed their cozy home into an over the top southern paradise. Teal, soft ivory, gray and mustard became the pallet. Touches of industrial accessories, shabby chic furniture, and old mixed with new items, helped pull together the over all feel.  It has been a pleasure to work with the Britt’s! It feels good when someone trust you completely with their most protected space, their home. 

Florida Baptist Children’s Home

The whole KK team is thrilled to announce an up coming project that we are super passionate about. Please read below for more details about what the Florida Baptist Children’s Home is doing for the children in our community. Also, check out our short video which will fill you in on all the exciting details about this new endeavor. 

Please click here to give and indicate in the notes section “Emergency Shelter Renovation.”

When a child is rescued from abuse, recovered from abandonment or removed from a neglectful situation they need somewhere to go where people will love them with open arms and care for their every need.

At Florida Baptist Children’s Homes the Emergency Shelter on the Lakeland campus is a place of reprieve and safety for children experiencing sudden upheaval in their lives. Whether a child arrives at 2 a.m. or 5 p.m. it is certain they will have a warm bed, nourishing food and trustworthy care givers providing them with hope in the midst of an uncertain transition.

The Emergency Shelter at Florida Baptist Children’s Homes is ready to care for children who are in the midst of a crisis 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Children often arrive with only the clothes on their body and nothing more; many are stunned when they are shown to a comfortable bed to call their own because they have grown used to sleeping on the floor or in makeshift living arrangements.

The expert staff ensures each child has the necessary clothing, transportation, spiritual guidance, medical access and educational support while an FBCH caseworker helps determine what the best long-term living arrangements are.

In 2015, 161 children were admitted to the emergency shelter and every day is a new opportunity to show a hurting kid what real love and trust look like and to share with them the love of Jesus Christ.