Miscellaneous Projects

Sams’ Nursery & More

From the complete remodel to the décor, this is officially the last phase of the Sams’ home.  I had a blast working with this sweet couple and was able to finish the journey by doing their nursery!

In addition to the nursery, this phase included their upstairs bonus room, hall bath and den.

Thanks David and Taylor.  You have a cozy home to begin your family.

Perlewitz Paradise

When Sandy Perlewitz contacted us about updating their home, I instantly liked her and knew she was going to be a joy to work with. Well, I was right. Sandy is kind, generous, loving, full of faith, and just the kind of person you want to keep in your circle of friends. What I loved about Sandy was the struggle she wrestled with in spending money on herself, her house.  After giving her the proposal she sat on it for a month or two and decided that the numbers needed to come down for her to have a peace about the project. I love that about her. She is thoughtful about the resources that God has given her and she wanted to make sure that before she spent it on herself, He needed to give her a peace about it. I know she bathed the decision in prayer and council. This made the project all the more special. I knew this was a family that rarely spends money on their own comforts and this was a big deal that she was taking this leap with us. We were honored.

Sandy’s house was modestly decorated. Nothing flashy, formal, or overly pricey.  Since moving into their home a few years back, Sandy was never really in love with the overall feel of the house. That’s why she called us. Keeping all the existing furniture she just needed help with paint colors and finishes. Shopping for the Perlewitz family was so much fun because I knew they were going to be grateful with whatever we came up with. I was right. When Sandy walked through the finished product, she looked like she didn’t know what to say but wanted to shed tears out of thankfulness.

Sandy and Tim, I want you to know how GRATEFUL we are that we got to serve your family in this way, giving you the house of your dreams, a place you love coming home to, a place you can serve God and serve your family and friends. You guys are one of a kind and we are so thankful to know you.



Britt’s North Lakeland Southern Paradise

It never gets old…helping people make the home they have lived in for years, have life again. The Britt’s have a beautiful North Lakeland home but it needed some love. Over a the course of several months we transformed their cozy home into an over the top southern paradise. Teal, soft ivory, gray and mustard became the pallet. Touches of industrial accessories, shabby chic furniture, and old mixed with new items, helped pull together the over all feel.  It has been a pleasure to work with the Britt’s! It feels good when someone trust you completely with their most protected space, their home. 

Florida Baptist Children’s Home

The whole KK team is thrilled to announce an up coming project that we are super passionate about. Please read below for more details about what the Florida Baptist Children’s Home is doing for the children in our community. Also, check out our short video which will fill you in on all the exciting details about this new endeavor. 

Please click here to give and indicate in the notes section “Emergency Shelter Renovation.”

When a child is rescued from abuse, recovered from abandonment or removed from a neglectful situation they need somewhere to go where people will love them with open arms and care for their every need.

At Florida Baptist Children’s Homes the Emergency Shelter on the Lakeland campus is a place of reprieve and safety for children experiencing sudden upheaval in their lives. Whether a child arrives at 2 a.m. or 5 p.m. it is certain they will have a warm bed, nourishing food and trustworthy care givers providing them with hope in the midst of an uncertain transition.

The Emergency Shelter at Florida Baptist Children’s Homes is ready to care for children who are in the midst of a crisis 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Children often arrive with only the clothes on their body and nothing more; many are stunned when they are shown to a comfortable bed to call their own because they have grown used to sleeping on the floor or in makeshift living arrangements.

The expert staff ensures each child has the necessary clothing, transportation, spiritual guidance, medical access and educational support while an FBCH caseworker helps determine what the best long-term living arrangements are.

In 2015, 161 children were admitted to the emergency shelter and every day is a new opportunity to show a hurting kid what real love and trust look like and to share with them the love of Jesus Christ.   

Military Makeover

Meet KC…He is active military, moved to Lakeland to further his career in his field, and he knows one here. How intimidating it must be to start over in a new city. After purchasing his house he called on Kristina Kreations to help him make his new “bachelor pad” feel more like home. We hope KC finds his new home a great place to build new relationships and put down some roots!


Vintage Victorian Nursery

Late night feedings can feel like purgatory!  You stumble in the dark, half conscience, to find the crying baby, you change and feed the baby and pray that they go back to sleep, and you cry a little in between because you are so sleep deprived.  Yes, I remember those days well. What helped make those nights seem bearable was a clean, well organized, and peaceful nursery, a place I actually enjoyed going to.

When the Jarrell family approached us about decorating their nursery for their soon to arrive fourth child, I was so excited. As a mother of two I know how much time baby and mamma spend in the nursery. It was almost like taking a walk down memory lane as I planned and dreamed about what the room could be.

Melissa Jarrell has a very classy and sophisticated style with a touch of vintage Victorian.  She had a crib already picked out from Restoration Hardware which became our inspiration. Peaches and creams were scattered everywhere including a dramatic silk window treatment, my favorite thing in the room, which tied everything together. The floor was grounded with a huge 10′ braided cream rug from Joss and Main.  The walls displayed beautiful shadow boxes made from old frames, which displayed trinkets and soft touches of peach accents.  The rocker, our splurge item for obvious reasons, was surprisingly from Baby’s R Us. The soft linen fabric was perfect and exactly what I was looking for as an accent fabric. We were completely wowed at the quality and style of this glider and highly recommend it to anyone in the market for nursery furniture.

It was such an honor to decorate this nursery for this sweet family. I hope the Jarrell’s enjoy their new space and find it calming on those late nights and early mornings.

Amanda Bass,
Assistant Decorator


Casey and Rebekah Clark…All Things New

New baby…..new house….new décor.

Rebekah and Casey Clark were no different than most of us starting out.  They moved in a new home last November and while their home was perfect, it still lacked that “homey” feeling.  Walls were completely bare and furniture was sparse.  Kristina Kreations was on it……”mission possible”.

Truly a blank canvas, Amanda and I really honed in on Rebekah’s style since we had little to go by.  We quickly realized she was FULL of ideas and a unique and fun style that we could easily run with.

This home could be described as a shabby/rustic.  The well-known French inspired shabby chic took a back place here as the heftier, more masculine pieces took center stage;  plank wood art, hand painted buffets and a farm table (which the Clarks previously had built themselves).  Surrounded by soft grays, buttercream and a variety of teals, this home had a nice balance of casual country charm all while keeping the patterns youthful and current for this young family.

Rebekah and Casey, enjoy and grow in this home.  Thank you for trusting us to dive into your style and run with it.


Riverdale – Phase 2

“The home is just not complete”, says Ernie White.  “Go ahead and do the additional 3 guest bedrooms, guest bath and front porch”.
Yipppeeee!  Amanda and I were on it with a quick but detailed plan to make the rest of the home just as amazing.
And amazing it was…..
  • Front Room or Room 1– two twin beds showcased a timeless layout with a French shabby cream dresser in between.  The beds, however, were mid-century in style bringing the combined general theme of this house, “shabby meets mid-century” full circle.  I choose a charcoal toile quilt for the beds but ignored the rules by putting a pop of mustard in the mix for fun.  The gallery wall reflected past travels and Amanda even found some old maps with all the shades.  If this were a choice in a bed and breakfast, it would certainly be my favorite pic.
  • The Middle Room or Room 2– was by far the smallest so I wanted to showcase yet another furniture layout; a daybed.  Amanda found a great charcoal one and we kept it super subtle and went with all white linens with hints of gold and gray/green as accents.  Soft birds and wispy sheers panels found their way in here too.  It was topped off by an old door used for hanging hats, scarves, you name it.  Or would you?  Name it your fav?
  • Back Room or Room 3– was a throw “back” in time.  Gosh it turned out so cozy, full of the time-worn textures of quilts and layers lined with delicate woods like the small high top dresser and cottage headboard.  Take your grandma’s old hankies and mix them with modern pops of orange and teals and then throw in some lace and ornate gold and you have this fabulous room!  So should we turn the sheets down for your stay?
Put on facebook, which room you would choose.  Everyone that post and tags “Kristina Kreations” gets entered into a drawing for a 2 hour FREE consultation!!!!!
Winner will be selected 2/28/15


Cindy Spear Remodel


If the walls of the Spear home could talk, they would shout not whisper.  This home has truly come full circle from raising 3 kids to now a peaceful sanctuary for Cindy Spear.  The Spears have lived a humble life in their Mulberry home, however, not much had changed in light of decor since the days of raising kids.  Cindy was still rockin out her 1970’s flat laminate cabinets and counters, blue plaid sofa and popcorn ceilings.  Her interior doors still had holes in them where the two brothers Josh and Aaron would wrestle and then flip the door around so mom and dad wouldn’t see.  Needless to say, those doors were replace by the none-other David Cochran Construction.   Along with new doors and hardware, Cochran facilitated a kitchen with new lighting, granite counters, painted & glazed cabinets and new appliances.  Her popcorn ceiling was replaced with a fresh knockdown texture and her wood paneling was filled in, textured and painted (who knew you could do that!)  We added canned lighting in the great room & kitchen as well as opened up an old drop tray ceiling…you know the kind with the old plastic grates.  Cindy had wood floors continue into the great room and all was re-sanded and stained to match the existing.

With the recent passing of her beloved husband, it was Cindy’s turn to have a space that was new; a style that was reflective of her personality and grace.  After digging into Cindy’s head a bit, I gave her a simple French chic look with pops of antiques and weathered treasures.  This helps bring out Cindy’s love for refurbished items all while keeping it surrounded by soft feminine charm.

It truly feels like a different home, but the same.  Cindy’s grandkids can feel comfortable and her grown kids can feel sophisticated.

I may be way off Cindy, but I can totally see you proudly sporting your apron in this new kitchen, the grandkids rolling around on your rug (even though it’s light); Laura and you grabbing the last casserole out of the oven and the whole family sitting down to a feast.

And the nights you are having a lovely dinner without the extras, just glance up at the “family” saying on your nook wall and rest in that confirmation.

Who would’ve thunk it……that I’d be given the privilege of doing this home of a family friend, mom of a high school friend (Laura) and resilient woman. 

Thanks Cindy.

Tish Family – Bowling Green

It’s simple, good-hearted folks like Allen and Cathy Tish that make me want to be better, live simpler and remember what’s really important.
Living the most humble lives in the middle of an orange grove in a home Allen built 35 years ago himself, they have raised their kids, sacrificed and saved.  Now, entering retirement, they can finally complete their home and have it feel as welcoming and warm as their personalities.
Cathy was open to anything.  She fully trusted me and Tim Wells when it came to cabinet design, busting out walls, colors and textiles.  I wanted to keep in line with her love for nature and art so it wasn’t any surprise that her hand-painted deer picture was my first inspiration.  I carried this deer with me everywhere and it truly started the whole theme.
Her kitchen was completely gutted and new wood farmhouse cabinets, granite counters and stone backsplash complimented the existing brick so nicely.  The Tish’s are all about family so turning their front living room into a HUGE dining room was perfect!  I had a 10′ plank table custom built by Tessa with “Vintage Woodworks” complete with 12 chairs.
Plaids with antiques; sunflowers with deer; this home is truly a stately lodge and Mrs. Tish will have you doing a craft or brewing some coffee for you if you enter her welcoming retreat.  Just don’t scratch her new wood floors!!
Allen and Cathy,
I hope you are delighted beyond measure as there are so many memories to be born in your same but new space.
Blessings to this super sweet family and Tim Wells for introducing us 🙂

Timeless Tradition- Larry & Heidi Edgy

We began updating the Edgy’s home in July 2014. An Ernie White home built in 1998, it was time for the floors, counters and wallpaper to change. Handscraped walnut floors were installed throughout and Cambria counters, travertine backsplash and new plumbing finished off their kitchen.

Larry and Heidi decided to keep going with their small renovations and allowed me to put the finishing touches using most of their existing furniture. Three weeks later they had a completed project and a welcoming home with new lighting, window treatments and all the fixins. Their admiration for Thomas Kincaid and existing formal cherry pieces, kept right in line with timeless tradition. They are a wonderful family with two teenagers, Brook and Josh. Movie nights nuzzled in the deep leather sofas, I can see your family having many years of memories in a comfy, rich and timeless home. Thanks to David Cochran and Amanda Bass for assisting on installation day.
We completed the day before Thanksgiving! Larry and Heidi- I hope your family feels so welcome and you feel so proud tomorrow on Thanksgiving Day. May our thanks be pleasing, graceful and rich, just like your home.





Fall Parade of Homes; Ernie White Wins; Lake James

Ernie White Construction once again took home the prize for a home on the north side of Lakeland in a 55+ community, Lake James. Located off Banana Rd., this home was nestled between friendly neighbors, a huge lake and walking trails. Most communities of the such are significantly scaled down; not this one. Ernie makes quaint homes full of detail, trim and all the extras.

A home always shows better if it is staged with furnishings and accessories so I was extremely happy when this home actually sold during the parade of homes. With a putty, orange and gray color palette, this home didn’t have an exact style, just sheer yummy. The open floor plan allowed for the farmhouse table, stately wood cabinets and clean-lined sofas to all complement each other while be viewed together. The master retreat was a soft sanctuary of creams, blues and blue/grays. With nature inspired prints and vintage sconces, this room was the perfect combination of masculine meets feminine.

Congratulations to ?? who will soon take occupancy of this lovely home as well as many of the furniture items.

All of the remaining items plus a few extras to give it a new pop, were moved a few houses down which is now a spec & model home for Lake James. Completely different floor plan so this home looked very different. Thanks to my assistant, Amanda Bass, who helped me do this house in half a day! She is amazing and a great help.


Everetts-Fall Parade of Homes; Ernie Wins

Ernie White spared nothing on this craftsman home in Highlands in the Woods, Lakeland. Thanks to Ann and Jim Everett, I was able to connect with their style and run with it.

From glammy baths to gallery art, this home was a mix of high end meets rustic. A relaxed modern approach, almost any family can appreciate and enjoy these aesthetics. They completely started over with their décor and brought with them only a bookcase. Jim and Ann, you were fantastic, trusting and fun! I can’t wait to do your dining and den! Emily, I hope you are enjoying your “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” inspired bath with all its jewels.

A HUGE congrats to Ernie White Construction for the taking home the prize in multiple categories including best overall. His craftsmanship, integrity and expertise never disappoint but always astound me. Ernie put his stamp all over this home from the octagon master tray ceiling to the pull-out laundry shoot. The tile work headed-up by Phil Kimmel from Ronnie’s Carpets was impeccable in the master and guest bath. Ernie’s carpenters always deliver top-notch quality and this was apparent in the custom built-ins, wainscoting and hidden pantry.

From the decorating side, my favorite was an old leaded glass piece I found from Dixieland Relics. It really pulled every element together and was made for the nook wall. Ann was not a “matchy-matchy” type of woman, which enabled me to be as outside of the box as I wanted. Her great room furniture was perfectly balanced but nothing was from the same collection. In the foyer, I hung real plants from an IKEA railing system with an old screen to frame in the art.  I also love how the mixed matched Wellborn cabinet finishes (Custom Kitchens) and Cambria tops (Counter Effects by Roger) came out in the kitchen. My favorite girls at Ferguson’s helped us get the plumbing and lighting just right.

It truly takes a team of organized, skilled professionals; putting their best foot forward to make sure a home is encompassing all that it should for the home owner.


Relaxed Country- King Job

Autumn & Justin were a young couple, expecting their first child. Building their dream with Hickman Homes, provided me the chance to get to know them. Decorating on paper is only half the battle so I was completely excited and honored to be asked to fully furnish and stage their main living space and bedrooms. No frills in this house. This expecting mother was all about the country lifestyle and time worn feel. She even shot the buck I used on the wall!
I loved using the unexpected pops of cowhide chairs, plaids and Autumn’s favorite….horseshoes. Thanks Kings for allowing me to help you pull off your relaxed country feel in the area you now dwell every day and hold your new baby. You were fun and easy to work with.