Casey and Rebekah Clark…All Things New

New baby… house….new décor.

Rebekah and Casey Clark were no different than most of us starting out.  They moved in a new home last November and while their home was perfect, it still lacked that “homey” feeling.  Walls were completely bare and furniture was sparse.  Kristina Kreations was on it……”mission possible”.

Truly a blank canvas, Amanda and I really honed in on Rebekah’s style since we had little to go by.  We quickly realized she was FULL of ideas and a unique and fun style that we could easily run with.

This home could be described as a shabby/rustic.  The well-known French inspired shabby chic took a back place here as the heftier, more masculine pieces took center stage;  plank wood art, hand painted buffets and a farm table (which the Clarks previously had built themselves).  Surrounded by soft grays, buttercream and a variety of teals, this home had a nice balance of casual country charm all while keeping the patterns youthful and current for this young family.

Rebekah and Casey, enjoy and grow in this home.  Thank you for trusting us to dive into your style and run with it.


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