Riverdale – Phase 2

“The home is just not complete”, says Ernie White.  “Go ahead and do the additional 3 guest bedrooms, guest bath and front porch”.
Yipppeeee!  Amanda and I were on it with a quick but detailed plan to make the rest of the home just as amazing.
And amazing it was…..
  • Front Room or Room 1– two twin beds showcased a timeless layout with a French shabby cream dresser in between.  The beds, however, were mid-century in style bringing the combined general theme of this house, “shabby meets mid-century” full circle.  I choose a charcoal toile quilt for the beds but ignored the rules by putting a pop of mustard in the mix for fun.  The gallery wall reflected past travels and Amanda even found some old maps with all the shades.  If this were a choice in a bed and breakfast, it would certainly be my favorite pic.
  • The Middle Room or Room 2– was by far the smallest so I wanted to showcase yet another furniture layout; a daybed.  Amanda found a great charcoal one and we kept it super subtle and went with all white linens with hints of gold and gray/green as accents.  Soft birds and wispy sheers panels found their way in here too.  It was topped off by an old door used for hanging hats, scarves, you name it.  Or would you?  Name it your fav?
  • Back Room or Room 3– was a throw “back” in time.  Gosh it turned out so cozy, full of the time-worn textures of quilts and layers lined with delicate woods like the small high top dresser and cottage headboard.  Take your grandma’s old hankies and mix them with modern pops of orange and teals and then throw in some lace and ornate gold and you have this fabulous room!  So should we turn the sheets down for your stay?
Put on facebook, which room you would choose.  Everyone that post and tags “Kristina Kreations” gets entered into a drawing for a 2 hour FREE consultation!!!!!
Winner will be selected 2/28/15


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