Spring Parade- Harper win; Hickman win

In the spring parade, the Harper Homes entry in Highlands in the Woods won best overall in its class. This was a traditional Tuscan style with faux textures and gilded fixtures. With an open floor plan and a 9’ island, this home had all the traditional classics of royalty yet casual enough for the average family to live everyday life comfortably. A neutral color pallet made this home easy as we played a lot off of textures instead. I had a blast working with Sherrae and Michael Myers. Although they didn’t get to move into their home, her tastes were quickly admired as a new family, the Chiques’, quickly took ownership.


Hickman Homes won in its class as well. The nature inspired home on umpteen acres of land belonged to Casey & Emmett Andrews. They have 4 kids and wanted space, land and freedom from the everyday grind. Boy they got it! Their home was spectacular and the decorating on paper from beginning to end was smooth sailing. No flaws in this house. Just a wonderful fam, proud to move in. Casey- I can’t wait to put the finishing touches on. Invite me over!




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